We are Mgbidi Peoples Forum, a socio-cultural organization founded in 2009.

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The Organization

In the year 2002, the original Mgbidi Autonomous Community in Oru West L.G.A. of Imo State was split into seven autonomous communities, namely: Isi-Mgbidi, Etiti-Mgbidi, Uzinaumu-Mgbidi, Obi-Mgbidi, Alienyi-Mgbidi , Ezi-Mgbidi and Mgbidi each with a traditional ruler, fully recognized by the Imo State Government. Following this exercise, fears soon became rife among Mgbidi people that unless steps were taken to strengthen the socio-cultural ties that bind Mgbidi people together, these time-honoured and common cultural values would soon be eroded, bastardized or even abandoned, if the various communities went their separate ways. Furthermore, it was feared that development efforts in the entire Mgbidi would be uncoordinated, with the communities pulling from different angles. These fears soon generated the desire and in fact agitations for an apex, central organ. Thus, in 2009, after series of consultation, the leaders of all the seven autonomous communities including traditional rulers, Town Union presidents-general, political leaders and captains of industry passed a resolution, founding the MGBIDI PEOPLES FORUM. The forum is therefore the apex organ of the said seven autonomous communities which has the final say on matters of their common interests particularly in the areas of culture, tradition and socio-economic development. It has, as the Executive Chairman, Nze N.I. Oguchienti.

Know Mgbidi

Mgbidi is the headquarters of Oru West, a Local Government Area of Imo State located in the southeastern region of Nigeria. It is located within Latitude 5.37 N and Longitude 6.57 E. It was the headquarters of the then Oru Local Government Area before its division into two Local Government Areas: Oru West and Oru East in 1996.


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"My hometown finally been relibrated. Thanks Mgbidi Peoples Forum..."
Aleme Emenike, egaleme.com

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Ikechukwu, USA

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Ben Val, Okigwe

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